"To become whole
it is sometimes necessary to change everything... this is where healing begins."

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Here we want to explore your ideas, emotions, and thoughts shared through poetry, essays, and short stories. Your submitted works will give other insight and encouragement to share their stories. Click on a title below to view the featured writing. 


Ode to the Desert

Dont tell anyone, but
I stole a piece of the desert
It was small
It fit in my pocket
and when I went back,
I took some more

When my pockets were full
I stretched open my heart
and stored more nuggets there.

I capture the sound of the raven
and tucked it in tight
The flight of the hawk
The feel of the soft earth between my toes

I reveled in the prickly touch of grandmother cactus
The cool of the boulders
The warmth of the sun

I breathed in the life birthed from my rattle
Its echo carried over the hills
I witnessed in awe
The light fading over the landscape
Leaving darkness to illuminate my first shooting star
I danced with the wind as she gathered my fears
and replaced them with peace and freedom
Speechless and humbled

I left the only gift worthy of the treasure I received
And with it a declaration to Sacred Mountain
that I would indeed return

But until then I do my joyful work
of unpacking my jewels from the desert
Admiring them one by one
Patiently stitching them together
one little bit at a time
Until I have assembled my memory
Full and rich as the moments themselves
Alive in me just, as they were…
Forever etched upon my heart

-Heidi from Tennessee

Sacred Waters

It comes in waves
as i sit in this steady Silence
I am reminded of how to tread the waters
And tho my heart may race
it speaks to my mind
Easing the overthought of time
“Be here  now”, she says… “present”.
And the wonder of each moment
Floods the very core of me
Could I too be the water?
I can feel the beating in my chest
Like drums near a fire
I approach the precipice
and step clean off
for I too am the Jumper

-Jasmin from California

The Tree

I have so many questions,

I said to the tree.
What is it child, what can't you see?
Look at your beauty as you stand strong in the ground.
You have all the answers I still have not found.
You're healthy and brave, you can withstand a storm.
The wind passes by, but you never are worn.
My child come close, I have something to share.
This freedom you seek, it blows in the air.
But you already know this, I can undoubtedly see.
Because I am you, and you...are me.
-Daniella from Canada


I use a mask
Every morning
As I put on my foundation and make-up.
Am I more comfortable
With one or the other?
I like both.
The battle has begun.
To which will I be true?
I am transported back
To a place
That does not sustain me
Does not feed my soul.

I      am      dying.

I am given respite.
My spirit is strong.
New ways have been shown to me.
My compass has a direction.
I will survive.

-Debbie from Wisconsin


Driving Down the Speedway
In the faint glow of a false dawn

I am aware of the Kachina around me,
The Mountains, and the Desert
Watching me depart

I give thanks to them,
for all the Gifts I have received
My Heart cracks open

As I reflect on this week,
On all that I have taken in
These lessons of the Heart,
that Take Time to Sink in
Then Percolate into my Awareness

Tears of Gratitude
Begin to well up in my eyes
As my Heart opens a bit more

I nurture this experience,
Dwelling for a moment on this insight

My chest Explodes
I am overwhelmed with Emotion
My Tears Flow Freely

Of all the Learnings of this week,
This is perhaps the most

Peace Surrounds You!

Avidor from Florida


I was made to do this
Sent here with all that would be needed
Blessed with more than i know
And far more capable than i think possible
They told me i was here to think
And still I wondered…
They told me i was here to dance
But still i searched…
“down this path” they said
As i stared down a road that had already paved
“Across this lake” they shouted
I could clearly see had been man-made
There voices like music
Became noise to my ears
And their disappointment to me
Mattered less throughout the years
Today i stand atop a Mountain
Found only in the Mystery
All the ‘should’, and ‘if i could’
soon to be my history
All there paths i could have taken
I’m so grateful that i never
For i realize now
I was made to do this…
I was made to Surrender!

-Jasmin from California

Earth Child

I am a child of the Earth, seeking my own magic and self worth.

I walk barefoot under a moonless sky, growing my own wings and learning to fly.

And although I may appear to be alone...

Wild is the greatest friend I have ever known.

-Daniella from Canada

Ancient Song

I opened
To the silence of rain
Opened my eyes
To the rain’s song
So long heard
With weeping.
I open to the joy
Knowing Mother
Is nourished by tears
From the heavens
Falling like stars of solace
Into saddened heart songs
Of far off places
Sparking harmony with here
And collapsing the spell
Of time and space
A single drop of eternity
Winks as I escape into dreamland
And whisper to the winds of longing.
“Sweet Dreams”

-Heidi from Vermont


The Wisdom of The Wind

Many, many years ago when I was much younger, I fell asleep on a large stone at the foot of Sacred Mountain. It was my favorite place to go, and be alone. I would go there to commune with Creator, and all of Creation.

While I slept, I was suddenly awakened by a soft tapping… a soft tapping on my cheek.
In my half sleep, I brushed at it, as if to brush away a fly or bug. But it didn't feel like a fly or a bug. It was soft, like the brushing of a feather, but without the feather.

It felt like the soft tapping of a finger of air, like a soft wind.

This sudden realization made me open my eyes, wide awake, and sit up.

There was nothing there. I listened. I was fully alert, then I felt it again.
A brushing on my face, like I was being brushed by some invisible force.

I suddenly realized, and noticed, that it was a soft very slight breeze caressing my face. It was all around me, almost imperceptible, but present. I noticed the bushes of desert thistle around me become animated, then stop, then animated again.

I suddenly 'knew', that it was a Wind Spirit. It was playing with me!

It seemed as curious about me as I was about it. I had seen wind spirits before. I had even chased them, trying to catch one and step into its center. I wanted to feel it's power.

Sometimes, I would imagine stepping into the large columns that towered high into the sky and being taken into the realm of the hawks and spirit birds.

And now, here was one touching me. My heart danced, knowing that Wind Spirit was acknowledging me. I closed my eyes and spoke to her...

Yes, it felt like a feminine presence, and I knew they were both. I surrounded myself with gratitude and spoke to her. I just surrendered into her. And to my surprise, I began to see images in my head, in my mind, images that were not mine.

I knew that I was seeing through her. She had taken me in…

I was shown the world as I had never seen it before, or imagined.

I wept, as I was shown the unspeakable. My body felt electrified, filled with an energy I had never experienced. I was ‘shown' how to call the wind when I needed it, and over time, I learned the different winds, and how they heal, and shift, and feed the earth. I was shown all the languages of Sacred Wind. I was shown how without them, there would be no sound… all things would cease.

I am proud to be brother to the wind.

I know now,

that it is the Breath of Creation

My guide.
-don Lorenzo


I'm not afraid to believe

I'm not afraid to dream

I've believed all my life

I've dreamed all my life

Would you believe me if I told you

that you could do anything...

if you believe?

Dream with me

Would you believe

that you could travel landscapes beyond time and space

where hummingbirds speak

and rainbows sing...

Would you walk with me

and travel with me

to the edge of these worlds...

dream with me my son

believe with me

       walk with me
         right here

            right now

to the edge of these worlds .

so I did...

-don Lorenzo


And a Man sat alone. Drenched deep in his sadness.

And all the Animals drew near him and said:

"We don't like to see you so sad...ask us for whatever you wish

and you shall have it."

The Man said: 'I want to have good sight'.

The vulture replied, 'You shall have mine'.

The Man said: 'I want to be strong'.

The Jaguar replied, 'You shall be strong like me'.

Then the Man said: 'I long to know the secrets of the Earth'.

The Serpent replied, 'I will show them to you'.

And so it went with all the Animals. And when the Man had all the gifts

that they could give....He left.

Then the Owl said to the other animals,

"Now the Man knows much and is able to do many things.

Suddenly, I am afraid."

The deer said: 'Man has all that he needs. Now his sadness will stop.'

But the Owl replied, "No.

I saw a Hole in the Man.

Deep, like a hunger he will never fill.

It is what makes him sad and what makes him want.

He will go on taking and taking, until one day,

The World will say...

"I have no more.
I have nothing left to give."

-Wisdom Elder

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