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“The wisdom of the medicine teachers is powerful medicine, a medicine that can change your destiny.”

Desert Intensives

We are all born in balance. In innocence we see the harmony of all things. Life is a song and we are a part of its dance. There are places that feed the spirit rather than drain it. Places of power where the energy is clear and undisturbed by the frequency of interaction. Places where the voices within can be stilled long enough to hear the breath of Creation. We call these places sacred. The desert is such a place.

Lectures & Workshops

Don Lorenzo (aka Grandfather Lench) offers a variety of lectures, workshops, and seminars including a special program called Sensing the Sacred. He has designed and presented Corporate, Institutional and Educational Programs across the United States and the globe for universities, training centers, rehab facilities, and other locations. There are a variety of one, two, and three-day workshops available that focus on topics from Stress Management to Wisdom of the Old Ways, from Conflict Management to Sacred Living. All programs are tailored in a way that integrates Native Tradition, Storytelling, and the Wisdom of the Old Ones into tangible, workable models that can be applied to modern-day living.

Practical Coaching

Learn the lessons of the Earth and the Elders from someone who grew up surrounded by Medicine Teachers. Choose a Guide to assist you as you walk your path of balance. Receive practical life coaching in person or by phone.

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