Desert Intensives

We are all born in balance.
In innocence we see the harmony of all things. Life is a song and we are a part of its dance. Somewhere along our journey an event alters our dance and we are changed. Somehow we lose our balance, then fear, uncertainty, and loneliness become a part of us. We seek solace in activity and distraction and find that we are on a roller coaster of failure and success, happiness and sadness, elation and desperation. We become disillusioned and seek answers from within the web that imprisons us. We are lost and confused. This confusion is the first clue that we are out of step with our dance. It is time to examine our walk.

Sometimes it is necessary to change our walk, to seek a place where there is less distraction. There are places that feed the spirit rather than drain it. Places of power where the energy is clear and undisturbed by the frequency of interaction. Places where the voices within can be stilled long enough to hear the breath of Creation.

We call these places sacred. The desert is such a place.

It is no secret that we lose ourselves. It is sometimes hard to remember that it is our birthright to know harmony. It is our nature to be a part of all things. Animals, plants, wind, and earth are all allies in our journey. All speak to us, and like us, are a part of this great mystery we call life. The journey to reclaim our Self is a personal decision. We must be willing to sacrifice our illusion and dance to the beat of our own drum. We must be detached from outcome and trust our intuition. Creation is our guide. In Nature we are surrounded by Truth and Self discovery is beyond words.

Perhaps in coming here the desert will hear you and allow you to enter its silence. It is a powerful silence that will make you small. It is then that the desert will swallow you. If you are lucky, you will see again as you did in the beginning — through the eyes of innocence. At the very least, you will walk away with more than you came with.

Aho Maheo
Grandfather Lench

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