What if you just woke up! its possible to suddenly realize that everything you do, think, feel and believe has an effect on your well-being on your spirit. The Path of wholeness is our most powerful challenge and greatest service to the world.
– donLorenzo

Practical Coaching
I was very fortunate when I was growing up. Every chance I had I would listen to the wisdom of my Elders, especially the Medicine Teachers. Their teachings were very simple and very profound. Their teachings were rooted in the natural world. Everything around us was a wonderful gift and a lesson and they taught me how my head gets in the way of seeing these things. My head would prevent me from hearing what my heart was saying. They taught me how to integrate the body, mind, and Spirit. “Listen to your body” they would say, “it will reflect what is happening in your head. And your head will reflect and shape your Spirit. Each has to be aligned or there will be no balance. If you have no balance you will keep falling, over and over again. Sometimes you will need to seek someone who can see your imbalance better than you can. If you listen, they can teach you how to walk in balance again and regain the strength of your own spirit.”
Remote Coaching by Telephone
We live in a world where Time is our single greatest adversary. Many have voiced their desire to come and spend time in the desert, but commitment to family, job, community and personal life will not allow it. It is simply not practical. So how can we maintain balance and still attend to the voice of our Spirit? I offer this alternative. Through the kind persistence of folks I am currently working with, and in order to reach a larger number of people, I am increasing my availability to work by phone. By using the Wisdom of these Medicine Teachers, it is entirely possible to create lasting Wholeness and Balance of the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

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