Contributions will include Poetry, Personal Stories, Ancient Grandfather and Grandmother Stories of Wisdom, Folks sharing their new found abilities and life changing insights;
These will be updated Monthly and at least quarterly contributions from myself regarding Earth Changes, trends, and insights on Maintaining Balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit. I encourage your personal contributions.

Please note: I spend a great deal of time in the Desert working by myself, and/or working with groups or individuals, which means my behind the desk time is limited. I will – read everything you send. I have no staff, and I work individually, so the key here is, patience. I receive e-mails daily, and I know that you know, that “shift’, is in the air.

If you have not been involved in a major life shift in the last year, or are not currently experiencing a life changing event, then just hold on, because it will come. At the very least, I can probably say that somewhere in your body, you feel it.

Questions I am asked daily are, “What am I supposed to do?’ How will I know what choices too make?’ I’m terrified.”
If you can, imagine this, the answers are out there! I can truthfully say this to you, the guideposts are there, and they are available to you. The question is not what, but “how”.

How do I remove the behavior, or thought, or energy that is blocking me from receiving the insights and/or guidance I need to move forward?

For now, let me give you this. Something you already know. Each one of you, all of us, are all unique. Which means we each have a unique resonance, and this resonance is the key. It is the key to your intuition, your guides, and your connection to all of Nature, Earth, and all that is seen and unseen.

It is a natural resonance, my gift, given to me at birth, and still a part of me. You may just need a little nudge, a little help, or a little guidance.. to help unravel yourself from the maze you have been caught in. I can assure you, there is light at the end of this tunnel. Let me know what you’re interested in, what pulls at you, what inspires you, and what insights you may have. If ever there was a time when we need to come together, this is it. Until you come to the desert, or we cross paths, Balance to you,

Grandfather Lench

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